The sound of God’s voice is heard through our life situations


God talks to us through situations. Whenever things happen, pray and ask God if it was HE wanting to speak to you. For example, if we studied very hard but still failed the test. Don’t think it is accidental. Maybe God is trying to talk to you about something! Don’t miss out God’s calls.

When Samuel was young, and had never heard God’s voice, he didn’t know it was God calling him, instead, he went to high priest Eli (1Samuel 3: 4-10). It took three times for him and Eli to realize that it was God who was calling him. We as Christians should learn the lesson from Samuel. Always quickly turn to God and seek HIS will when things happen. Respond to God’s correction and discipline. So, always be super sensitive to what God is saying to us in each situation. In doing so, we won’t miss out God in our daily walk.