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The Word from the Lord heard for 2022. This is Elijah Movement International 2022 Message:

2022 – The Mercy Year

Elijah Movement International

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EMI-2019 Prophecy

The Word from the Lord heard for 2019. This is Elijah Movement International 2019 Message:

2019 – The Decision Year

Elijah Movement International

Since 2018 has ended, I want to share with you Elijah Movement International’s prophetic messages for 2019.
2019 is a judgement year.

The numeral 9, signifies judgement.

I do not mean that judgment day is going to happen in 2019 or the world will end in 2019 or the rapture will take place in 2019. As the Lord Jesus says, “no one knows the hour…”

All I want to state is that 2019 is the year when decisions pertaining to the kingdom of God have to be made. Moreover, the conditions that we have to go under to make this important decision in 2019 have been increased in its level of difficulty. So, the standard is raised. The bar is raised. We need to exert more effort to pass the standard. We are not only to meet the standard but to surpass the standard.

The year 2019 is going to be a stretched year. The year is going to be full of activities and will go by very quickly. It is going to be intense but quick. Something is going to be born. It is like a pregnant woman in labor pain. World events will occur one after another and even in parallel. The events will be good for those who wait upon the Lord and those who are fully engaged in the Lord’s business.
What do I mean when I say 2019 is going to be a stretch year? Allow me to explain.

Imagine yourself running in a racetrack to finish your race at a specific time. You are close to your finish line however, the time left for you to finish it was suddenly cut too short.

The question is, “what will you do to finish on time?” If I have to answer the question, my answer will be, I will put all my strength, all my soul, all my mind to finishing my race.

This 2019 is a decision year. We must decide whether we are in or out of the race.

When 2020 comes, it will be very clear to those who follow Jesus what is really happening. There will be no need for interpretation. No need for prophecies. 2020 is the year of a clear vision.

Know that many world events paving the way of the Lord will happen in 2019. The first recipient of this prophetic message is President Donald Trump. He will have a very difficult time in 2019.

The universal church to remain braced for impact this 2019