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Partner with us in the fight against Global lukewarming – All continents of the world are experiencing a great falling away. Even so-called Pastors and spiritual leaders have left their nets to focus on their personal needs

Today in Christianity

Elijah Movement International, the voice in the wilderness to the professing Servants and Christians

Elijah brothers are endtimes prophetic preachers. They preach about the greatness of God but their messages are aimed to the lukewarms.
In this page you will find short articles and notes about what’s going “wrong” with the so called “Preachers and Christians of the endtimes”.

Elijah Movement sayings for church goers and preach-go preachers:


“It is our job to put to death the deeds of the flesh. We were only given the power to cast out demons not to cast out ourselves.”

“Word of knowledge and word of wisdom are given in pair by the Holy Spirit. People who are gifted by these discern problems and they provide godly solutions! Don’t entertain the ones who can only see problems. I guarantee you their own problems are yet unresolved.”

“Don’t be a prophet who tells people of a coming problem but do not tell them how to face it.”

“If Jesus is still here on earth then why do churches talk about His return.”

“If Elijah was still here on earth, he would be needing a lot of help to slaughter false prophets and preachers.”

“When accomplishments are larger than those who accomplished them let it be known to all that it was because of the power of God.”

“People who question the existence of God, should instead question their own existence.”

“Those who are living under the law are to meet the requirement of a once a week Sabbath church going; those who claim saved by grace through faith must live by grace. THEY MUST demonstrate that by attending church activities NOT just every Sunday but each time the church opens.”

“Children and young people who sat by their parents during church services turned out to be better Christians; this was the case when the church first began. Young Stephen was not a product of a youth program but of the Holy Ghost baptism.”

“The doctrine of demons is simply the commandment of God flipped over; Love your neighbor (people, friends and families) as yourself and love yourself as god. This is hardly noticeable but is being promoted by so-called “Christian churches nowadays.”

“To go to church is easier than to follow Jesus.”

“Doubt is defined as worried faith”

“The church needs people who are committed not just involved”

“Wanted Church Pastor, must be submissive to the congregation and must have a submissive wife”

“If the only way to get food is to memorize and recite a Bible verse people will be reading it daily”

“TWO easy steps to check whether the Holy Spirit dwells in you. First, fast from Internet. Second, read NO other books but the Holy Bible and see if you get fresh revelations from God.”

Prophets or Profits

Prophets or profits? The Bible is a complete book of  prophecies. Read it and you will find not a need to hear prophecies from those who call themselves prophets.

Prophets or profits? Prophets, your books really help those who are book lovers.

Prophets or profits? It is amazoning how people rely on books to get scripture revelation. The Bible is rich in those; try reading it straight for a  year.

Prophets or profits? Instead of buying books about the how to of Christianity buy a book instead on “How to enjoy reading the Bible.”

Prophets or profits? People who speak of last days prophecies are not prophets. They are merely announcing prophecies already written in the Bible.

Prophets or profits? To the so called “prophets”, please do not write another book of prophecies. The Bible already has them all.

Prophets or profits? Prophets are seers of the future. Anyone who claims to be a prophet but deals and talks about the past is not a one.

Prophets or profits? Is there anyone who claims to be a prophet in these days that have prophesied anything that came to pass? NONE.

Prophets or profits? If prophets intend to bring fear to people while thinking that people will seek God and be saved, they better read their Bible. It is not the fear but the goodness of God that will lead men to repentance.

Prophets or profits? All they are doing is analyzing and predicting future events from the current events. They are treating the endtimes events like a stock market.

Prophets or profits? Each end of the year they recalibrate their prophecies.

Prophets or profits? Do you ever wonder if any unbeliever cares that Jesus is coming again? If the so-called Christians aren’t pressured about this event why would the unbelievers?

Prophets or profits? People who seek and find answers in the Bible of why events took place are intelligent Bible and or Hebrew scholars. They maybe godly people but they are not prophets.

Prophets or profits? Buy the book that points to where in the Bible was the 911 event? Its title is the “Autopsy”.

Prophets or profits? Buy the book that tells about where in the Bible that people were in panic of Year 2000 computer glitch? Its title is “the Prophets who did not see”.

Prophets or profits? Nothing is new. Watchmen of God let us track the events, watch the time, and diligently warn people of the prophecies that are already written. This is all we can do.

Prophets or profits? Talk not only of Elijah BOLDNESS. Jezebel’s MANIPULATION and Ahab’s ARROGANCE are also alive these days.

Prophets or profits? The teaching of the four Blood Moons is a good one. It is not about prophecies but is a godly history. No prophet has seen any of the events before they happened. You do not need to be a prophet to teach this. You can impress people by memorizing all Hebrew terminologies, months, feast and historical events but don’t forget to be honest to tell them you are not a prophet.

Prophets or profits? Prophet, do not prophesy so that people may think you are a prophet.

Prophets or profits? Dear prophet, is there any prophet in the Bible who spoke a prophecy to one person while others hear it? please email your answer at

Prophets or profits? Prophets do not be in a race of who can tell first. It is the Lord Jesus who gets all the glory. Let us rather spend time with God in wherever you may be; at the Brook of Cherith, Zarephath or at Mount Carmel but I pray most of all that you are not hiding in a cave.

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A story about a hallelujah, praise the Lord preacher

What’s going wrong with the preachers?

A church preacher completed his 30 minute sermon. He spent ten minutes reading the Bible verse then the rest of the time he talked about his testimony. He shouted “hallelujah, praise the Lord” each time he struggled to make his testimony relevant to the verse he read. The total time put together for his “hallelujah, praise the Lord” was fifteen minutes. What a great message.

Are you also like us disappointed with the lukewarmness of Pastors and Christians of the end times?

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